• Brigitte Knittlmayer

    Reliable, competent, inquisitive.
  • Your strategic objective

    I keep always in mind.
  • Structured planning

    results in efficient PR.

Consulting and realisation from one source

News releases and PR measures often do not have any effect, because they are not integrated in a PR concept.

Strategic PR consulting identifies the objectives of communication so that the PR measures will act like a lever and will be successful. Decisions for a suitable measure must often be made at short notice and require flexibility. Therefore it is important that consulting and realisation are in the same hands.

Strategic Public Relations

My PR concepts are geared to the specific client and comprise

  • the objectives of the communication
  • target groups and target media
  • messages and subjects
  • catalogue of measures
  • scheduling and
  • budgeting.

Realisation of PR measures

To achieve the agreed objectives I use, among others, the following measures:

  • writing and editing press releases, case studies and newsletters
  • contact with journalists on a regular basis
  • organisation of press conferences, media tours and interviews
  • preparing company spokespersons for interviews with journalists
  • project management of PR at fairs and conferences
  • evaluation, for example creation of press reviews

All the measures are conducted in agreement with the clients.

I am offering differentiated hourly rates and transparency, so that even the costs meet the requirements of my clients.In continuous liaison and with a monthly lump sum payment I inform my clients about the accumulated hours in reports at regular intervals.At the start of a corporation clients I support in a project receive an offer that to me is binding.

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