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    Media Relations
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Media Relations for B2B companies

Many decision-makers in companies still like to read trade publications when they are looking for a manufacturer or service provider. They prefer seeing what others say about the company instead of what the company itself says.

It is crucial that the editorial team is independent and publishes credible articles. This is why companies have to provide journalists with objective and convincing content based on facts and news.

Media Relations

My services supporting you to convince journalists to publish articles about your company:

  • Continuous media relations:

    I am in regular contact with journalists who are relevant to your company. They approach me for statements from my clients' representatives when they research a topic.

  • Content for media:

    Writing and editing content for media, e.g. news releases, case studies and statements.
    Since many media companies publish their articles online, on request I optimise the content for search engines (SEO). For this, I use the required specifications of my clients or use the services of experts who, in cooperation with me and the client, determine the relevant keywords for the target group.

  • Organisation:

    Organisation of press conferences, media tours and interviews

  • Coaching:
    Preparing company spokespersons for interviews with journalists
  • Project management:

    Organisation, planning and project management of PR at fairs and conferences

  • Evaluation:

    Evaluation, for instance compilation of press reviews

Would you like to benefit from factual and easy-to-understand communication?

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