• Brigitte Knittlmayer

    Reliable, competent, inquisitive.
  • Your strategic objective

    I keep always in mind.
  • Structured planning

    results in efficient PR.

Consulting for strategic Public Relations

My PR concepts are geared to the specific challenges of my clients. I analyse the current communication and propose concrete measures to optimise it.

My concept for Your company could comprise the following topics:

  • The objectives of the communication: Many people would like to attract more attention if I asked them about the objective of their communication. This is too vague from my point of view. I therefore ask You, for example, how You position Yourself with Your company, analyse Your position in comparison to Your competitors and develop suggestions for You.  

  • Target groups: Customers and potential new customers are usually the key target groups. Together with you, I analyse this target group in more detail in order to differentiate them, for instance according to industries, and to understand their current challenges ("pain points"). And I also do not forget the other potential target groups - distributors, technology partners, future employees and others.

  • Messages and subjects: I research the pain points of Your target groups. Together we can then work out how you and your company can solve these problems

  • Catalogue of measures: I am not impressing You by drawing up a long list of measures, but by proposing measures resulting from the previous analysis. So that You can achieve your objectives efficiently.

  • Scheduling and budgeting: Your budget and time resources are limited. Therefore it is important to set priorities for the measures and to calculate the effort realistically.

Would you like to discuss whether I can also support You? Give me a call or send me an email!

Dr. Brigitte KnittlmayerBrigitte Knittlmayer

Phone: +49 (0)211 569 22 44
Mobil: +49 (0)172 8238 867
Email: info@bk-b2b-pr.com

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