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Your strategic objective


Consulting for strategic PR

Consulting for strategic B2B Public Relations

My PR concepts are geared to the specific challenges of my clients. I analyse their current communication and propose concrete measures to optimise it.

Consulting for strategic Public Relations

My concept for your company could comprise the following topics:

  • Communication objectives:

    When companies are asked about their communication objective, many say they want to attract more attention. But this is too vague. Therefore, I will ask you how your company positions itself, analyse your position in comparison to your competitors and develop suggestions for you.

  • Target groups:

    Existing customers and potential new customers are usually the key target groups. Together with you, I analyse these target groups in more detail in order to differentiate them, for instance according to industries, and to understand their current challenges ("pain points"). But I do not forget the other potential target groups - distributors, technology partners, future employees and others.

  • Messages and topics:

    I research the pain points of your target groups. Together we can then work out how you and your company can solve these problems.

  • Activities:

    Rather than trying to impress you by drawing up a long list of activities, I propose only relevant activities based on my analysis; so that you can achieve your objectives efficiently.

  • Scheduling and budgeting:

    I understand that your resources such as budget and time are limited. Therefore it is important to prioritise the activities and to calculate the effort realistically.

Would you like to benefit from factual and easy-to-understand communication?

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