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Communication to target groups

But is it still necessary that independent media report about a company? Nowadays, companies can reach their target groups directly via numerous online channels.

Via blog articles, social media posts and many other channels companies can - unfiltered, so to speak - communicate all the good news and praise themselves to the skies. This view is correct, but not entirely correct.

To do one does not mean to ignore the other. Direct communication is also important and relevant. But for it to be successful, it must always be geared to the needs of the target groups. These do not want to read the company's own praise, but also expect via this channel factual information.

Therefore I support B2B companies with the following services:

  • Website of the company: The content and navigation of a corporate website are decisive how long users are interested in it. In the best case, they are willing to make contact or provide their contact details, for example to receive the newsletter in the future. In order to achieve this objective, I design the content of the entire website as well as the individual pages and create the texts for them. I work with web designers who suggest either me or my client.
  • Writing and editing of success stories and case studies
  • Conception and writing of newsletters
  • Writing and editing of articles for blogs
  • Social Media: LinkedIn in particular has become an important channel for B2B companies to inform target groups such as customers, partners and future employees. I will advise you on how to continuously create factual and relevant content so that You reach not many but decisive people. 
  • Partners of Your company: Are You an exhibitor at a trade fair that informs its visitors with a blog or newsletter? Or are You a member of an association that publishes guest articles on its website? There are many opportunities that I am pleased to find and exploit together with You.

Would you like to discuss whether I can also support You? Give me a call or send me an email!

Dr. Brigitte KnittlmayerBrigitte Knittlmayer

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